2 East Coasts for Car Rental : Rayong x Chanthaburi

2 East Coasts: Rayong x Chanthaburi by ECOCAR Rent-a-car's Car Rental Pattaya


There are other two popular cities on the Thai East Coast to make your choice for going to the beaches beyond Chonburi and Pattaya. Rayong and Chanthaburi are the quiet cities for your car rental vacation with ECOCAR Rent-a-car's Car Rental Pattaya and Car Rental Bangkok.

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Mae Rumphueng Beach

Car Rental Pattaya Mae Ramphueng

There is a white sand beach and sea windy. Many hotels and resorts that can make your choice to go vacations including seafood restaurants for tasting. Inattention, this is the beach that has happened about RIP Current all time so you ought to obey the caution seriously if you need to swim at this beach.

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Ban Phe Fresh Market

Car Rental Pattaya Ban Phe

There are fresh sea products to buy such as seafood, processed seafood for your picnic in your vacation time including there are many souvenirs to you. Moreover, you can go to Suan Son Beach and Laem Mae Phim Beach too.

Prasaesin Bridge

Car Rental Pattaya Prasaesin

It's one of the best attractions in Rayong which is located in Prasae River, Klaeng. Moreover, there is the park with HTMS Prasae (PF 2) Memorial for getting the sea breeze and more homestays and seafood restaurants to welcome everyone.

Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

Car Rental Bangkok Cathedral Immaculate Conception

It's the biggest Catholic Church inside Chanthaburi downtown and it's Thai-Vietnamese Catholic Community; moreover, you can go across the Old Town Chanthaboon Waterfront for your shopping and taking a photo.

Oasis Sea World
Car Rental Bangkok Oasis Sea World

There is many dolphins'show that you can be fun for the show nearby Chanthaburi River. Moreover, there are many seafood restaurants and homestays to serve you.

Laemsing Bridge (Taksin Maharat Seaside Bridge)
Car Rental Bangkok Laemsing Chanthaburi

It's used for going across between Paknam Chanthaburi Junction (Chanthaburi River Estuary Junction) and Talat Pa Pui Junction (Pa Pui Market Junction) that you can go Tuek Daeng (Red House), Khuk Khi Kai (Chicken poo Jail) and Laemsing Beach; moreover, there are many seafood restaurants and hotels for your vacations.

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All in all, we hope to be fun for you car rental with 2 Coast Cities on East in Thailand. So if you need a car that you can contact with our Car Rental from ECOCAR all time in 10 branches.


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