Thailand car rental by THAIRENTECOCAR CO.,LTD.                 We are the First Eco car rental service in Thailand


Rent a car with us THAIRENTECOCAR 

"Fellow traveler that you can trust"
Think about car rental or want to rent some car, think about us THAIRENTECOCAR we are the first Eco car rental in Thailand. With concept "Everyone can rent new car"   

We provide you only new car with automatic transmission system. save fuel, save you money.

Advantages of hiring a car Eco car
1.Car rental cost is low when comparable to other vehicles.
2. Fuel save around 20 kilometres per lite, this save alot you money.
3. Easy to drive, easy to park and Flexible.
4. For people who like the speed from 120 to 140 kilometers per hour This Eco car can handle it.

Thailand car rental by THAIRENTECOCAR CO.,LTD. We are first Eco car rental in Thailand

With the intention of the management team that want to see Thai people rent a car with new quality and safety throughout the tour. To make every travel full filled our customers with happiness. And to reach their destination safely. We believe that life is a journey. And every trip is always the goal. We would like to be a part of your trip. And we will walk with you side by side in order to reach that goal. With the new concept of car rental that  everyone can rent new car.


 Every car we have are new and before delivering the car to the customer. Our car will pass inspection by the availability of more than 20 car manufacturers to ensure that the car that are rented to customers are not lost during the trip. ABS Safer braking system and airbags that come with every car. More confident that the insurance covers the driver and all passengers in the vehicle. More comfortable with the easy process of renting a car. Only the identity card and driving license, you can rent a car. Don't request any guarantee or credit card. More economical to rent a car with an engine size of 1,200 cc fuel ecocar. With new technology. Our cars can use E20 gasoline that make you will become a part in helping to save energy and reduce global warming. 


Greater peace of mind by providing emergency assistance 24 hours a day, no matter how small or big your problems are. We are pleased to be at your side and help you along the journey. Today we provide self-drive car rental. Customers can rent a car for drive to run errands or traveling anywhere in Thailand. Drive less or lot is not limit. We provide car rental for daily and also monthly.


Today, you can rent by Choose up to 4 model. Think about rental car or want to rent a car, think about us RentEcocar car rental you can trust.

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