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Rent cars with ECOCAR RENT-A-CAR CO., LTD.

We are the first eco-car rental service provider in Thailand. We have more than 400 car services for you.

Our services ;
1. Self-drive car rental
2. Car rental with driver
3.Long-term car rental

*** Rental period You can choose as needed ***

We have priority to reducing pollution to the world in the concept "Green car rental" for making more fresh air, like many countries that campaign on this issue.

In the year 2019, we will bring the electric car to be the first service in Thailand. Which will be a car that does not emit pollution to the environment and saves energy costs, electric car saving cost than more 300%. In the future, the use of electric cars will increase and replace cars that energy from oil which will reduce pollution, can greatly reduce PM 2.5 dust.


To be number one of the car rental company in Bangkok in 2022.


We want to make renting a car for you with all new quality cars.
We'll always serving the best service for you like your friend all your trip.

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