How to rent Hat Yai car rental

How to rent Hat Yai car rental 

Hat Yai is the largest metropolitan area in the south, and the third largest metropolitan area of Thais. Moreover, it is the Gate for the neighborhood espcially Malaysians who go across to travel in the Land od Smile. So if you need our ECOCAR Hat Yai Car Rental, these are the documents for renting this one that consists of :

How to rent Hat Yai Car Rental 
1. Copy your Home country Passport

This is the most important thing for everything including renting Hat Yai Car Rental when you visit to other countries for guaranteeing by yourself.

How to rent Hat Yai Car Rental 
2. Copy your Driver License

For ASEAN tourists, you can use your home country driver license for Hat Yai Car Rental to rent a car rental and drive in Thailand. On the other hand, Their tourists outside ASEAN region that must show your international driving permit only.

How to rent Hat Yai Car Rental 
3. Copy your Credit Card number

For your payment to pay our Hat Yai car rental including the deposit that claims with the payment. Because of we are not going to receive the cash.

How to rent Hat Yai Car Rental 
4. Copy your round trip flight tickets (If you HAVE)

For other foreigners who are not lived near Thailand-Malaysia border, you ought to have your copy round trip flight tickets if you have it for guaranteeing with our staffs to rent Hat Yai Car Rental about the days for staying in Thailand.

How to rent Hat Yai Car Rental 
5. Copy your hotel reservation (If you HAVE)

It's one of the most important thing for our staffs to follow our Hat Yai Car Rental easily if you need to return a car at the hotel.

How to rent Hat Yai Car Rental 
6. Hat Yai International Airport

It's ECOCAR Hat Yai Car Rental main location for contacting when you has landed at the airport or come from Hat Yai area to pick and return a car.

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The attractions when you rent Our Hat Yai Car Rental

Hat Yai that there are many attractions for going around as you need to visit when you rent our Hat Yai Car Rental that we have the lists of these attractions or best shopping places, just clicking !! 

All in all, These are the details for renting a car with ECOCAR Car Rental at Hat Yai. Let's go with us to be a part of your journey since 1 May 2018. See you soon, everyone !! 


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