Finding a car rental in Nonthaburi by ECOCAR rent-a-car's Car Rental Bangkok


Although this city is the small area beside Bangkok, there is much population who lives in there such as Condominiums, Apartments or Houses. Therefore, a car rental finding in Nonthaburi is very important for making convenience to go everywhere. ECOCAR rent-a-car's Car Rental Bangkok in Nonthaburi Branch will be the answer for you. 

ECOCAR rent-a-car's Rates

Deposit 5,000 Baht and we take it back when you return our car rental.

Car Rental Bangkok Nonthaburi ECOCAR 

- Nissan Almera: 1,498 Baht per Day 

Car Rental Bangkok Nonthaburi ECOCAR

- Totoya Vios: 1,712 Baht per Day 


- Toyota New Yaris: 1,498 Baht per Day

Documents for ECOCAR rent-a-car 

Documents for renting a car rental that they are the fundamental things for renting a vehicle. The primary concern is IDP (International Driving Permit) which can drive anyplace on the world. On the other hand, if you are ASEAN Nations customers, you yourself can drive in Thailand with your nation driver permit. 

Moreover, there are two most important things which you must have for renting a car rental as both as a Passport and Credit Cards.  

ECOCAR rent-a-car's Car Rental Bangkok - Nonthaburi Location 

160/1 Rattanathibech soi 18, Rattanathibech Road, Nonthaburi 11000

Time for working - 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on every day 
Tel. 02-035-5580
Fax. 02-035-5581
Mobile 062-348-9900
Line ID: @ecocar 
Call center 02-002-4606

Advantages of Our car rental Nonthaburi for your car renting 

1. You can pick a car and go outside easily. Nonthaburi where it is the center point to go to all parts in Thailand such as North, South or East. 

2. When you return our car rental, you can catch a sky train to go easily with MRT Nonthaburi Civic Center

3. Full-Option Life INSURANCE 

4. Drive unlimited to anywhere as your plan

5. Deposit that you can get back certainly within 24 hours by the bank e-transfer.

6. No Credit Cards !? But we can give you to rent but you should have some copies of a flight ticket reservation for us.

Conditions for ECOCAR's Nonthaburi Car Rentals 

1. Gasoline which we are going to prepare in the full tank when you come to pick a car rental up. Meanwhile, you ought to fill it within the full tank when you bring the car back to us.

2. If you need to rent more days, you ought to transfer to us before 5 p.m. and call us for guaranteeing again.

3. When you come to pick a car rental up, we are going to start the time certainly. And you should bring it back before the picking time or the same. 


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