Attractions for Malaysians by Car Rental Thailand

Best Attractions for Malaysians by Car Rental Thailand

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Malaysia is a country where it is located as a neighborhood land with Thailand. They can go from the border in the South or the airplane from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) to Don Mueang or Suvarnabhumi. There are many people from the Malaya Peninsular to come and they need to go anywhere. So ECOCAR rent-a-car's Car Rental Thailand will collect the best attractions for them when they come. Which ones about them? Let's see it right now!! 

Chatuchak Market 

The best-known weekend market for many Malaysians who need to go shopping with second-hand products or homemade products such as clothes, bags, shoes, and cuisines. For Muslim people, there are many Halal cuisines for your meal too. 

ASIATIQUE the Riverfront 

Chao Phraya's Riverfront Night Market where there are many great products for your shopping and you can see the River as Chao Phraya clearly. Moreover, there is the ASIATIQUE Sky for watching the aerial view of Bangkok. 

Soi Nana 

This is Indian and Arabian Town in Bangkok downtown. There are many Arabian cuisines for your eating and it can be guaranteed that it has been Halal 100%. 


Let's move to the South!! Krabi is the most popular place for Malaysia. There are many beautiful beaches for their vacations. 


The Heart of the Southern Thais where there are many routes to go such as Klong Hae Floating Market, Laem Samila and Pattani

Chiang Mai 

The last attraction is at Chiang Mai where there are many natural places for your visiting when the cold season has come. They can see many arts and cultural things like Northern Thais Dancing that they can impress all the time. 

All in all, these are the details about "Best Attractions for Malaysians by Car Rental Thailand". So if you need to use a car rental, come to ECOCAR rent-a-car every time that we have supported your journey.

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